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Essential Oil Spotlight: Spearmint

  Spearmint is frequently used in salads, drinks, and desserts, but did you know that it has been used for centuries for

Productivity Tips for Real People!

What would you do with a 25-hour day? Squeezing more time out of the ol’ 24 hours a day – especially if

5 Important Health Benefits of Essential Oils

Ah, I LOVE my essential oils!! I carry them everywhere and there are a few I just cannot live without.  My family’s

Why I Became a Wellness Coach

In August of 2017, I made a huge decision.  I knew it was a decision that would change my life, but I

Join the Self-Love Challenge!

  Do you ever stop and notice all the things you say to yourself about yourself? I’ve gained weight…. I’ll never meet

Four Healing Herbs for Women

4 Healing Herbs for Women There are many herbs out there, that provide a long list of health benefits. Some herbs are

Meal Plan your way to better health!

  What if there was just one thing standing between you and a healthier life? I know it seems hard to believe but hear

Yummy Smoothies: 4 Health Concerns that Can be Supported with a simple Smoothie

Smoothies are so much more than the sweetness of the fruit, and the convenience of having a “breakfast to go”. They pack

Welcome to Holistic Healing & Wellness and the Wellness 360 Blog!

A New Year and a New Blog! Welcome to Holistic Healing & Wellness Studio’s Wellness 360 Blog! I am excited to jump

Four Steps to a Less Busy (But More Fulfilling) Life

Being busy can be healthy, but being “too busy” is not healthy. Being active and engaged and inspired, yes that’s healthy. Being

What’s Your Why?

Contrary to popular thought, there’s no one way to achieve health. While every expert has an opinion and every internet search tells

Finding Fitness You Love

Have you ever noticed that when you love to do something, you don’t spend time trying to figure out how you’re going

Healthy Eating On-the-Go

If you’re like most people, you’re busy. And when you’re busy,  food can fast, too. So how do you eat healthy while

Are Happy People Healthier?

Creating balance is a widely used catch phrase these days for having a picturesque perfect life with all corners of it working

What is Wellness 360™?

Have you ever noticed how when things are going really great in your life with your relationships or your career, that food

Wellness encompasses a healthy body, a sound mind and a tranquil spirit. Enjoy the journey as you strive for wellness.